Squeeze Poster

The Death of Squeeze

The Death of Squeeze was shot on May 1, 1999 (the night Squeeze closed). Squeeze was located in downtown Fort Lauderdale underneath the New River Bridge. It was a huge part of South Florida’s history and the 1990’s local music scene, which spawned Saigon Kick, Marilyn Manson and Collapsing Lungs (all three bands got signed to major record labels) to name a few. Upon hearing that it was closing, I along with a cameraman went to Squeeze to interview it’s owner Jack Kearney and some of it’s employees and regulars to try to capture what Squeeze has meant to all of us.

Through word of mouth, many people in the South Florida area have heard of the video, but have never had a chance to see it. Unitl now! Please forgive the audio issues and the production value as this was just thrown together. I hope you enjoy it and that it brings back some killer memories!.